Overview: What is Precision Polling?

The fastest and easiest way to collect data using the telephone.

Create Surveys With Ease

  1. Create a Survey

    Use our dead simple website to add the questions you want to ask.

  2. Add Audio

    Record voice by calling our toll-free phone number, or upload sound files.

  3. Upload a Phone List

    Tell us which phone numbers you'd like us to call. We support all major file formats.

  4. Run the Survey

    Tell us when to start calling and click "Go". Most surveys are complete in 1-2 hours.

  5. View Results

    We generate a detailed report with charts and analysis. You can also download raw results.

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Get Answers Now

Automated Phone Surveys are phone calls where a recorded voice asks you questions and you type in responses on your keypad (e.g. "Who will get your vote for mayor? Press 1 for Joe..."). This provides a fast and affordable way to get answers from real people.

You Have the Power

Precision Polling gives you the power to design, record, and run automated phone surveys. It is entirely self-service so you can run a survey within minutes of having the idea. We can make tens of thousands of calls an hour, so you get your answers almost immediately.

Widely Used

Automated Phone Surveys are extensively used in many fields for market, political, and public policy research. Research has shown them to be just as accurate (and often more accurate) as live surveys.